Tithe and Support

First Baptist Church of Seville operates because of the cheerful regular supporters of the ministry.  The support of local ministry, expenses of the church, relief of the poor, and spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ locally, regionally, and throughout all nations is dependent of the members of the Body of Christ, which is the Church. 

There are two ways you can contribute from a distance.

  1. The first way to give a tithe is to mail your offering to our Financial Secretaries at our P.O. Box. This may take 3-7 days.  First Baptist Church of Seville  P.O. Box 132 Seville, Ohio 4427
  2. The second way present your offering is to use ACH payments to transfer electronic funds to the church account. This is oftentimes called “bill pay” through your bank. Setting up ACH payments is a fairly simple process.  Contact your financial institution regarding your access to online bill pay features. 
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