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We were hanging out talking about the COVID-19 pandemic today, and we recognized the value of remaining grounded in the Word of God. Our review of 2 Chronicles and Revelation 9 mixed with a discussion about Ezra’s life and writing style spotlighted the emergence of God’s Holy Spirit we’ve been seeing in, around, and outside the church over the last 50 years. Then, we came upon this phrase “epic sweep” during our exploration. It feels like there is an epic sweep of many of our rituals in favor of staying connected to one another.

In Chronicles, Ezra shows us how to keep God’s Church today locked into a spiritual perspective. He wrote it after the Jews had gone into captivity and returned to raise the ruins. Ezra had a clear, broad view of all that history. After Zerubbabel rebuilt the second temple, Ezra helped the people establish God’s law. That was his job: to establish the law. Ezra really knew how to build a foundation for raising the ruins! His primary message was JOY because we have the Word!

Here are more resources to help you learn about the Bible:

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Roman’s Road for Salvation

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Here is a resource to help you learn about what the Bible says about the gifts God gives us. 

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Here are some resources to help you learn about what the Bible says about relationships:

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Here is a resource for conflict resolution:

Conflict Resolution Help

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