Holy Week: Friday, March 25, 2016


Good morning, Church! It’s “Good Friday,” although I’m not sure how it received that name. But I love a good oxymoron; so, I did some research. “What a supreme paradox. We now call the day Jesus was crucified, Good. Many believe this name simply evolved—as language does. They point to the earlier designation, ‘God’s Friday,’ as its root. (This seems a reasonable conjecture, given that ‘goodbye’ evolved from ‘God be with you.’) Whatever its origin, the current name of this holy day offers a fitting lesson to those of us who assume (as is easy to do) that ‘good’ must mean ‘happy.’ We find it hard to imagine a day marked by sadness as a good day. Yet, despite—indeed because of—its sadness, Good Friday is truly good. Its sorrow is a godly sorrow. It is like the sadness of the Corinthians who wept over the sharp letter from their dear teacher, Paul, convicted of the sin in their midst. Hearing of their distress, Paul said, ‘My joy was greater than ever.’ Why? Because such godly sorrow ‘brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret’ (2 Cor. 7:10). This commemoration of Christ’s death reminds us of the human sin that caused this death. And we see again that salvation comes only through godly sorrow—both God’s and, in repentance, ours. To pursue happiness, we must first experience sorrow. He who goes forth sowing tears returns in joy” (Armstrong, “The Goodness of Good Friday,” http://www.christianitytoday.com). Let’s consider today’s Good Friday Scripture readings and prayer: Psalm 54, 95; Lamentations 3:1-9, 19-33; I Peter 1:10-20; John 13:36-38; 19:38-42. “My Lord, Your Son has suffered so much, shed so much blood. I was born with so many faults, and my nature is so full of weakness; and yet Your Son Jesus has died on the cross. For me! I know Your grace has the power to cleanse me of my many sins and to make me more like Your Son. Thank You for Your goodness and love for me. I ask you, Father, to watch over me – always. In Jesus’ loving name, I pray. Amen.” Always remember–It’s Friday; but Sunday’s a comin’!! Thanks for journeying; Blessings to all–PT.

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