Holy Week: Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Good morning, Church! Can you feel the spiritual anticipation building within your soul as you move toward the singular, most powerful, miraculous, dynamic, life-changing event in the history of mankind? Come on, admit it, the EMPTY TOMB is undeniable truth. And you know what? That truth knocks the spiritual socks off me!! Yes, I am not ashamed to confess that I believe in the literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead with ALL MY HEART! In fact, I have trusted my eternity to it; so much so that I am convincingly assured of the security of my eternal salvation. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!! Are you with me??!! If so, let’s consider today’s Holy Week Scripture readings and prayer (and if you’re still struggling with faith, join with me anyway; you know you’re always welcome, right?) Psalm 55, 74; Lamentations 2:1-9; II Corinthians 1:23–2:11; Mark 12:1-11. “My Savior, do You invite me to share in the glory of the resurrection? Please stay with me as I struggle to see how accepting the crosses of my life will free me from the power of the one who wants only to destroy my love and trust in You. Help me to be humble and accepting like Your Son, Jesus. I want to turn to You with the same trust He had in Your love. Save me, Lord. Only You can save me. In Jesus’ glorious name, I pray. Amen.” SAVE ME, LORD; ONLY YOU CAN SAVE ME! If you have prayed, or if you will pray, that simple prayer with a heart of integrity, I promise you on the authority of God’s Word that your sins are forgiven and you possess a life that never ends. Seriously, it is the most important prayer you will ever pray this side of eternity. Thanks for listening, and praying, and journeying; Blessings to all–PT.

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