Lent, Day 22: Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Good morning, Church. Since I have not had a Mocha Frappe’ since Wednesday, February 10, I’ve decided to make another Lenten sacrifice. READY? I promise not to write anything about the weather for the remainder of this week. YIKES! That one is going to be harder to keep; so, I’ve decided to engage in my favorite method of keeping all my resolutions–finding an adequate substitute :). This week’s substitute is, you guessed it, BASEBALL. That’s right–Spring Training, the Indians, Arizona, and America’s “national sports pastime.” Did you know that the Cleveland Indians sold out opening day in 40 minutes! QUESTION–Did you purchase a ticket? OK, are you ready for the perfect spiritual segue? The most important spiritual QUESTION is, Do you believe that Jesus purchased your salvation by His death and shed blood on Calvary’s cross? This Lenten season is the perfect time to be assured of your eternal salvation (cf. II Peter 1:10). Maybe today’s Scripture readings and Lenten prayer will help you: Psalm 81, 82; Genesis 45:16-28; I Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 6:14-29. “God, You love me as Your own child. May I bend my life and will toward You so that I might accept Your teaching and guidance. I am so grateful for Your support in my life, now and in the eternal life You are preparing for me. I beg for Your help and Spirit in my life today. In Jesus’ powerful name I pray. Amen.” Now, let’s PLAY BALL!! Thanks for journeying; Blessings to all–PT.

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