Lent, Day 13: Monday, February 22, 2016


Good morning, Church! How are you doing? By that I mean, How is your soul? Author and public speaker, Margaret Feinberg said, “The 40 days leading up to Easter can be some of the most life-giving, perspective-changing, hope-filled days of the entire year.” OK, that’s pretty intense; however, it is intensely true. Do you have any testimonies about how your life has changed during the first 2 weeks of Lent? If so, why not share them with me at tom@fbcseville.com. I’d love to listen to your story! While you consider what the Lord is doing in your life, let’s be encouraged with today’s Scripture readings and prayer. The Lenten Scripture readings are: Psalm 64, 65; Genesis 41:46-57; I Corinthians 4:8-21; Mark 3:7-19a. Today’s Lenten prayer is: “Lord, Your commandment of love is so simple and so challenging. Help me to let go of my pride, to be humble in my repentance. I want only to live the way You ask me to love, to love the way You ask me to live. I ask this through Your son, Jesus, who stands at my side today and always. In Jesus’ loving name I pray. Amen.” I pray that your days will be filled with hope, and your soul filled with life. Thanks for journeying; Blessings to all–PT.

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