1918 Shantz Organ Restoration

Good morning, Church: The FBC family had a wonderful meeting last evening, Tuesday, February 9, with Mr. Victor Shantz, President, and Mr. Jeffery Dexter, Vice-President, and Tonal Director, from the Shantz Organ Company, located in Orrville, Ohio. The meeting was for the purpose of discussing the proposed renovation of the FBC organ that was originally built and installed in 1918. Your input is valued; so, please join the FBC family this coming Sunday, February 14, and cast your vote on the proposal to “give the Shantz organ some LOVE and proceed with the renovation.” THANK YOU, Mr. Shantz and Mr. Dexter for your kindness and your well-done presentation that helped give us all the information we needed to make a decision that is in accord with God’s will for the FBC family. Blessings to all–PT

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