Taking The Risk To Love With God’s Love

Welcome to February, the “Love Month.” I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day; how about you? Cards, chocolates, flowers, hugs and kisses and all that lovey, lovey stuff. But the reality is in many instances love hurts, right!? Well, it’s not love that hurts; but loving. OK, let’s move from the “Love Month” to the “Love Book.”  When it comes to loving, followers of Jesus Christ really don’t have any options; not if we’re obedient to God’s Word and His desired will for our lives. You may be thinking, “Tom, who are you to tell me what God’s will is for my life? That’s not very loving!” Well, hold on for a second; I’m merely the messenger. Let’s look for a moment at the message. First, God is love (I John 4:8, 16). His very essence is absolute unselfishness. God is completely and perfectly sufficient to always overflow and never to need. Second (let’s get a little more personal), loving one another is like loving God (Matthew 22:36-39). In response to a lawyer’s question, Jesus said that the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love one another. The two commandments are inseparable. OK, now it really gets good. Third, loving one another fulfills God’s law (Romans 13:8-10). Everything in life; everything in life hangs on obedience to the two greatest commandments. John Piper said, “The point here is that love between humans is so crucial that when it really happens, it is the fulfillment of all God’s teachings.” YIKES; that’s amazing!! Soo–the message is LOVE (verb!); but loving hurts, right? Well, Yes; however, the results of not loving are worse. Please open your heart and take time to read C.S. Lewis’ quote below. Consider it; meditate upon it; and if you want, let’s talk about it. Take the risk and come worship with us, or send me an e-mail at tom@fbcseville.com. I promise that you’ll be loved; really! Thanks for listening. Blessings to all–PT

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