Good morning, Church! Yesterday, Sunday, January 31, was a humbling and awe-inspiring Lord’s Day. Humbling because of my calling to share God’s Word with delicate integrity, and awe-inspiring because of the worshipful atmosphere and the wonder of considering the PLACE that Jesus Christ is preparing for His people (John 14:1-3). As I reflect upon heaven, the chorus words of Wayne Watson’s song “Home Free” have been my companion: “Home Free, eventually; at the ultimate healing we will be home free. Home Free, oh I’ve got a feeling; at the ultimate healing we will be home free.” Just think–a new-created heaven and earth! gone the sea; gone the tears; gone death; gone mourning, gone crying; gone pain; gone evil deceivers; gone the curse; gone the sun and the moon; gone the night; gone, gone, gone!! We will be free, free, free! I know, I can’t wrap my human mind around it either because I have never experienced life without any of those “gone” things. But I do believe that my Redeemer God loves me enough to never mess with my mind, heart, and emotions. I believe that He is in the process of creating my uniquely prepared apartment, and that He is going to fulfill His promise to come back for me and receive me to Himself. WOWZERS!! Then and only then will I experience perfectly the life that I was intended to experience. Aren’t you electrified (in a good sense) when you think about heaven?? Well, since I opened with song lyrics, I think I’ll close with some more of my favorites. Sing with me, would you: “I stand, I stand in awe of You. I stand, I stand in awe of you. Holy God to whom all praise is due; I stand in awe of You” (Hillsong). Thanks for listening; Blessings to all–PT

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