Letting Jesus Be Himself With You

Good afternoon, Church! Thank you for taking this short “Letting Jesus Be Himself With You” journey with me. I find great joy in sharing my heart-felt thoughts with you; and hopefully those thoughts contain nuggets of truth that both encourage and challenge you in your faith journey. We have considered 2 out of the 3 “words for today” related to “letting Jesus be Himself with you.” OK, it’s time for blatant honesty. How many of those 2 words do you remember? That’s right; way to go!! DIGNITY and HUMILITY. Well, that leaves; ah, ha!! you guessed it–the 3rd and final “word for today,” which is SAFETY. Consider the following quote from Karen Salmansohn, “A good relationship makes you feel safe and loved. In fact, the top feeling a relationship should inspire is “safety.” Even before you feel true love itself. Why? Without safety, you will never arrive at feeling true love—because you won’t allow yourself to be vulnerable enough for true intimacy.” OK, now I’m juiced!! Every time I consider the relational term “intimacy” in a spiritual context, my heart begins to thump. You can “let Jesus be Himself with you” because He is SAFE; SAFE enough for you to take the risk of being imperfectly vulnerable. He won’t abandon you, He won’t shame you, He won’t damage you; He always will love you with an authentic, selfless love that will never end. WOW! (I almost said, WHHEEE!) Please meditate upon Proverbs 18:10. That truth seals it for me; how about you? DIGNITY, HUMILITY, AND SAFETY–let Jesus be Himself with you; you’ll never regret it!! Thanks for listening; Blessings to all–PT

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